Timber decking


Timber decking

One of the specialty work we perform is timber decking. Our workmen take pride in offering their expertise and knowledge into the making of some eye-catching wooden decks. These lounging areas are a treat to the eyes because they are built by experts who have years of experience in the field. If you want to add a welcoming feel to your house, you can have a timber deck installed where you can enjoy with your family and friends. If you need a patio for your home that directly leads to the pool or to the verandah, remember to call our experts. We will lend our experts to build the most beautiful deck ever. Our carpenters will create a brilliant deck with their artistic sense and skillfulness. All things will be fixed seamlessly to add to the aesthetics of your home.

We will provide you with everything required for building the perfect deck for your home. This may include the timber along with fixing materials.

For an existing deck you can let us know if there are any repair works to be done. We will assist you on different repair works. Our qualified experts will assess the type of job and render high level of expertise will only help you get the best of results. Now, get back to that same old deck with an absolutely new look.

Installation of a new deck:

We offer finest range of timber decking services. Take a look at our deck installation services:

  • We offer a free measure and quote for your premise
  • We discuss with your on the type of timber required for your deck
  • We offer samples on the type of timber required for building your deck
  • We order for the timber in bulk and you can get huge discount on timber decking
  • We firstly lay the deck encompassing structuring and laying of panels
  • We install the deck
  • Our experts will do the sanding and painting of floorboards in case the panels are unfinished

For details you can contact us on 0417 417 400and get a free quote.