Garages and carports


Garages and carports

Commercial Carpenters Sydney deploys a team of experts who have years of experience in the field of carpentry. We also specialise in garage and carport building. It can be an existing garage or carport which needs a facelift. Just remember to call us at Commercial Carpenters Sydney. You can rebuild the space or get it extended for allowing a new car to stay in, get everything done by our experts and you will see the difference in no time.

We can offer customized solutions by seeking every measure it takes to building bespoke garage or carport facility. Our experts will work closely and keep each and every specification you have ordered for, in mind. We work in a network to provide the best of solutions. You garage or carport can be built with concrete, timber or metal, just let us know about the material you want us to work on. Our trained professionals will start from laying the concrete slabs and bricks, to building the walls, roof, the gutters and electrical fit outs. We also pave way for stylish interiors and doors and windows.

What is more? Our experts offer highest quality work without causing you to part with a huge amount of money. This actually means we offer affordable services. Our experts only focus on rendering the best price for high quality services, they do not compromise on the standard of offerings so that our clients remain happy. You can get a quick modification of your garage or carport and look for prefabricated choices we provide. These garage or carport kits are crafted from metal sheets, colour bond sheets and much more. We collaborate with other major brands in order to offer you the best solutions available in Sydney and neighbouring areas. Our kits are portable and can be installed anywhere you want. They are long lasting by nature. For details you can simply contact us at 0417 417 400. You can also email us to seek information on our services. We offer free quotes to those interested in enjoying our services.

Installation of garages and carports

You can now make the most out of a newly build garage or carport or one that has been extended by our experts. Also, get the existing garage space or carport remodeled by our trained experts. We seek the following measures for successful completion of a project:

  • We measure the area without charging anything. Also we offer a free quote on the project. For a new build, we offer a quote based according to your requirements. For an existing premise we will need to inspect the space at first before offering a solution. We will send an expert who will measure the space at first.
  • We can discuss the options for your carport or garage including the structure, finishes and what materials you would like it made from.
  • According to our inspection we order materials and then allocate our specialists to build the perfect garage or carport for you. We ensure that the structure is build according to your requirement.
  • We will arrive at your location with equipment and tools and deliver the work within the time frame as committed by our men.

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