Floor Boards


Floor boards

Floor boards are truly one of the most important parts of a house. It forms the base of the house and is certainly the part that undergoes maximum wear and tear. In order to ensure that the floor board lasts long, it becomes necessary that a home owner focuses on quality and durability of the Floor Board. Commercial Carpenters Sydney is one of the most reliable carpentry service providers operating across Sydney. We are popular for both commercial and residential flooring applications. Modern architecture which demands innovative ideas, consider floor boards as an integral approach towards enhancing the aesthetics of a house. We offer groundbreaking ideas on floor boards which are ergonomically delightful, bringing in an essence of warmth to the atmosphere.

Commercial Carpenters Sydney will be most delighted to offer you innovative flooring solutions or if you have something on your mind you can simply ask us to implement your idea and while we take the responsibility of beautifying the floor of your house, we will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our professionals can also work on pre-existing floors and give the latter a brand new finish.

Existing floors which lacks maintenance can also get a perfect finish, by our expert workmen. From sanding to lacquering, we will ensure that the old floor gains a look that is no lesser than the new. When the floor board is not in a condition to be repaired, our men takes charge of the situation. Our experts will repair the floor to an extent where it will look like new.

Installation of new flooring:

Our men are skilled at installation of floorboard and can render the following services:

  • Free measurement of the premise and a free quote
  • A complete discussion on the type of floor board that your home requires
  • Providing you samples on appropriate flooring solutions
  • Ordering the perfect flooring for your home is one of our main objectives
  • Since we order in bulk, you can enjoy from the discounted rates at which we offer our services
  • We prepare the floor before it is laid, remove existing floor and the skirting, clean the area and level the ground. We lend the premium finish your home requires.
  • Installation of new floorboard
  • Sanding and then painting the floorboards

Maintenance of existing flooring and repairs:

If there is an existing floorboard and you want our men to work on the same, call us for repair services. We will enhance the looks of the floorboard for an affordable price. We will lend it a fresh appearance, much to the requirement of your home’s aesthetics. We can restore its natural beauty through sanding and lacquering techniques and add a protective seal so that the floor board lasts for another few decades.

Our process involves:

  • We conduct a free inspection on the current floor and offer a quote accordingly
  • We evaluate on the condition of the floor and decide whether it is appropriate for us to take up the repairing job. We can correct the damages if necessary.
  • We will replace the damaged floorboard and refasten any loose board
  • We will sand the surface before the boards are being painted
  • We will clean the floor in order to ensure any outstanding paint finish
  • we will re lacquer the floor in order to save its looks for forthcoming years

Just remember to call our experts at Commercial Carpenters Sydney. We will get back to you in no time.

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