Commercial Carpenters Sydney is one of the well-known carpentry companies operating across Sydney. We offer a wide variety of fencing solutions for different premises. From timber fence, colourbond, slat fencing, pool fencing to security fencing and much more, our team of experts can offer a wide range of solutions. Also, our experts can prepare hoarding for various construction sites. The fencing facilities we offer are mostly crafted from glass, timber, metal and much more. You can opt for our high class glass fencing solution, it can make for a great addition to your property. Name any kind of fencing and you will get it right away from us. Our professionals can render you the exact type of fence you need for your premise.

Our team has been rendering fencing solutions for residential, commercial and farming premises. Schools and Governmental units are also among the premises for which we have worked. Since privacy and security are two of the major concerns our clients tend to focus on, our experts would go an extra mile setting up the perfect fence for the property.

We can offer you the quote onsite or you can just contact us and let us know about your plan. Our experts will firstly analyse your requirement before sending you the quote. You can ask us to remove the existing fence and install it on the area. We also repair fences which have broken panels.

Installation of fencing

Commercial Carpenters Sydney involve the following procedures for fencing installation:

  • We offer a free quote and a free measure on site
  • Our men discuss on the different types of fencing solutions. If you have not selected a particular fencing type let our experts help you do so. We will pick an option from a wide range of choices. Our experts will ensure selecting a fencing option that will best suit with the aesthetics of the premise.
  • We will order for the materials to build the fencing of your choice. We order in bulk and hence allow you to enjoy huge discounts.
  • We prepare the fence before installing it. This may require us to remove the old fencing, dig post holes, levelling the ground, removing plants and shrubs from the way.
  • Installation of the new fence.
  • Painting the fence if you have selected a particular shade for the finished product

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